North Gwinnett Football



1. is to register your son for the football program.

2. is to register your player with Gwinnett High School athletic department. (Some of these forms are the same as you filled on the football registration but both are required).

**Physical ** This is required in every H.S. sport and no child is able to participate without one. Physicals are good for one year. If you have any questions regarding your rank one forms or physical, please contact Kathy Johnson at the H.S. athletic department. She may be reached at 770-271- 5140 or room 600. Her email is


**If you have a copy or original physical, you may do one of 3 things to get it turned in.

  1. You may email to me :
  2. You can take to the H.S. to room 600 and give to Kathy
  3. You may also email it to Kathy


*Once you have registered for TDC, registered on rank one sport and turned in a completed physical, I will email you and your son and let you know your red bus pass is ready to be picked up in the front office at the middle school.


Helpful RankOne instructions:

Click on for parents   Login

Electronic Forms lookup state:      GA

Electronic forms lookup school:      North Gwinnett High Home page for online participation form: Start online forms Next page will ask question to get your account set up.

After you get your login set up you will then register your athlete.